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Ronald Dworkin was a great legal and political philosopher and a powerful public intellectual. His original work transformed the way we think about law, morality, human rights and liberalism. He certainly was one of these wonderful minds that contribute to the advance of human thought.

Cass Sunstein: «But I learned, as did everyone who encountered him, that he had one of the finest and most probing minds on the planet, and that if you were lucky enough to lose an argument to him (winning was out of the question), your own understanding would be immeasurably improved. He was not only a giant but also a good and gracious man.»

Ronald Dworkin, Scholar of the Law, Is Dead at 81 (NYT Obituary)

Ronald Dworkin (1931–2013) (The New York Review of Books Obituary)

Ronald Dworkin obituary (The Guardian)

Dworkin’s Death Deprives Scalia of His Moral Foil (Bloomberg)

Books by Ronald Dworkin


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